Through a baby’s eyes: a very short blog about trees

When my son was a very young baby I often used to walk with him horizontal in his pram around the shopping mall.  I used to find that he’d fall asleep by the time I got to the end of my road, would stay asleep during the twenty minute walk to the shopping mall despite the cacophony of noise from ambulances, buses, kids shouting, but would wake up and start crying the second that I entered the shopping mall.  This was quite frustrating because I wanted to sit and have a tea and cake – I was a sleep deprived new mother – I deserved it.  On one occasion I walked out of the shopping mall in desperation because he was screaming.  He promptly fell asleep again. I walked around the block and back into the shopping mall for him to wake within seconds of my entering the doors.  How did he do it?

It took me a few times to figure out that the glare of the spotlights shining down on him was waking him up.  It was then that I started to take notice of what he was looking at all of the time as I was walking with him around in the pram.  Since then, I have made a point of walking through and under interesting things so that he has beautiful things to look at.  Here are a couple of trees that we walked under this weekend: 

      IMG_3570 IMG_3572


Running in Lavender

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